3490- Drop Out Prevention

   Policy Number: 3490

Date: January 24th, 2023


Drop Out Prevention Policy

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At-Risk Coordinator

The school shall designate one or more at-risk coordinators to collect and disseminate data regarding dropouts in the school and to coordinate the school’s program for students who are at high risk of dropping out of school

Identification of "Designated Students"

The school shall identify all students; who have withdrawn from school before earning a diploma, and who have been dropped from average daily membership, and whose graduating class ( when entering grade 9) have not yet graduated.  The school shall further identify students who are at risk of meeting these criteria.

Dropout Reduction Plan

The school shall provide dropout prevention and recovery services to designated students, including:

1. Engaging with or attempting to engage with designated students;

2. Consulting with designated students and develop a learning plan to identify;

a. Barriers to regular school attendance.

b. An attainment goal through enrollment in education programs.

3. Monitoring a designated student’s progress toward reaching the designated student’s attainment goal; and

4. Providing tiered interventions for a designated student who is not making progress toward reaching the student’s attainment goal.

The school shall provide dropout prevention and recovery services throughout the calendar year to students who become designated students while enrolled in the school.

Designated Student Enrollment Options

1. A designated student may enroll in a program offered by the school; or

2. The Statewide Online Education Program.

Annual Reporting

The school shall annually submit a report to the State Board of Education on dropout prevention and recovery services, including:

1. The total number of designated students in the school;

2. The methods the school uses to engage with or attempt to recover designated students under the Dropout Reduction Plan;

3. The number of designated students who enroll in a program described in the Flexible Enrollment Options.

4. The number of designated students who reach the designated students’ attainment goals; and

5. Funding allocated to provide dropout prevention and recovery services.

Attainment Goals Defined

Attainment Goal means:

1. A high school diploma

2. Utah High School Completion Diploma, as defined in State Board of Education rule;

3. An Adult Education Secondary Diploma, as defined in State Board of Education rule; or

4. An employer-recognized, industry-based certificate that is likely to result in job placement and is included in the State Board of Education’s approved career and technical education industry certification list.



UTAH CODE 53G-9-801-802