American Leadership Academy


   Recently, at the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools’ “Circle of Excellence Awards Dinner” our amazing Trudy Seely was awarded the honor of “Utah Charter Teacher of the Year”! There were many wonderful candidates, but she clearly stood out as an exceptional teacher. We are so proud of Ms. Seely and her years of dedication to our students and to ALA. She has been here since the very beginning of ALA and has helped shape us into the incredible school we are today. So many students have come through her 3rd grade classroom; they adore her and they remember the tremendous influence she had on them. We love you and are so glad you are a part of our ALA family.
   Trudy Seely has been an educator for over 15 years. She teaches 3rd grade and her impact at that critical age of learning has been enormous. Students of all skill levels show remarkable growth under her guidance and instruction. Under her direction students become masters at taking responsibility for their own education. Not only are the scores on her year end tests higher than the state average, but the students are carried away by her whimsical and enthusiastic approach to learning.
   Upon entering Ms. Seely’s classroom you are walking into a magical place (otherwise known as The Land of BABU…Be A Better U). Her culture includes not only high expectations and strong structure, but the feeling of being part of a family. Learning includes singing, puppeteering, acting, and music that engages students in a fun and effective classroom experience.
   She infuses students and faculty alike with a sense of responsibility, as well as community and individual pride. She has played an integral role in supporting faculty and staff through the creation of school processes and handbooks. She is a favorite among the parents and has taught many families here at American Leadership Academy. Congratulations Ms. Seely on being Utah Association of Charter Schools’ Teacher of the Year!