American Leadership Academy School Lunch Prices

American Leadership Academy School Lunch Prices

American Leadership Academy is part of the National School Lunch program. ALA works hard to provide not only healthy nutritious meals, but delicious meals

Reminder our school does not allow negative school lunch balances.



      K- 6th   $ 2.50         7-8th   $ 2.75            9-12th $3.00

Lunch money can be paid online or by paid to the JH Front Office


How do I keep track of all of my student(s) lunch balances and lunch transactions?

              • Get an Instant Payments online account or a Parent PowerSchool account or
              • Download the PowerSchool app or use computer to create an Instant Payments
              • Set up notifications under
              • Get balance
              • Avoid unexpected lunch balances checking your email
              • Always have extra money on your lunch. We do not allow negative balances.

Why do I have a lunch balance when I send a sack lunch with my student each day?

              • After seeing how yummy our school lunches are, students will try to sneak in line and eat school
              • Please remember that if your student eats school lunch then it is you are responsible to pay for
              • Make sure that you are very clear with your student(s) about when they are allowed and not allowed to eat school