Policy Number: 3110
Dated: June 14th, 2018




American Leadership Academy has been granted by the State Charter School Board a fixed number intended for student enrollment, with enrollment being open to all residents of the state. American Leadership Academy complies with all federal and state admission policies and will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, handicap, or any other specification protected by law.


Applications for new students are accepted during the designated open enrollment period each spring for the following school year. Following the open enrollment period, a determination is made as to whether the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of available spaces for each class.

All parents wishing to enroll new students in American Leadership Academy must first submit a Wait List Application. Open enrollment is for all families with new students.

Submission of the Wait List Application does not guarantee enrollment. When the capacity for any grade level has been reached, enrollment will be held in accordance with state and federal law. The law calls for a lottery/Wait List when student enrollment population has reached the state allotted cap.


As required by law, a public lottery procedure will be initiated when the number of eligible applicants exceeds the capacity of a class.

A lottery is a random, unbiased selection process by which ALA admits applicants. ALA will use a lottery if, during the open enrollment period, more students apply for admission to the charter school (in any grade) than can be admitted.

Preferential enrollment may be given to a child or grandchild of a member of the school governing board or founding board member; a sibling of an individual who is presently enrolled in the school; a child of an employee of the school; or a student who resides within a two-mile radius of the school. Students currently on the waiting list will be retained from year to year until enrolled or they decline their enrollment position. Students placed on the waiting list will be given the opportunity to attend the school if openings become available during the school year. Families will be notified and parents will be given a reasonable amount of time to accept or reject the enrollment offer.


Required information for pre-enrollment application.

      1. Emergency contact
      2. School district of residence
      3. Ethnicity\Race
      4. Home language\ESL\bilingual education
      5. Prior speech and\or language services
      6. SPED\IEP\504 history
      7. Medical information\history including visual or hearing impairments, ADD/ADHD, etc.
      8. Foster child\ward of state
      9. Refugee status
      10. Juvenile probation
      11. Expulsion\suspension history
      12. Transcript
      13. Media consent and release
      14. Declaration of household income
      15. School directory disclosure


      1. Identification, e.g. driver’s license\passport (of all parents\guardians authorized to
        access student’s academic information)
      2. Student’s birth certificate
      3. Utah Department of Health Form (USIIS)
      4. Copy of latest IEP or 504 (if applicable)
      5. Immunization record or exemption form


Those students who have been enrolled at American Leadership Academy and desire to return
the following year must sign a declaration of intent to enroll for the following year. The intent
to enroll must be filled out each year in order for the student to be enrolled.


A completed enrollment packet must be turned into the enrollment office before the student is
able to attend American Leadership Academy.

Students will be admitted using the above process with the following exceptions; (1) that
admission does not disqualify American Leadership Academy from any Federal funding; (2) or
to protect the health or safety of a student; (3) or times other than those permitted under
standard policies if there are added conditions of special need that warrant consideration.

In accordance with Utah State Law, children must turn five (5) on or before September 1st of
the school year in order to enroll in kindergarten. Children who do not meet the age
requirement will not be enrolled.


Documentation will be created and retained on all students who transfer from American
Leadership Academy. The registrar will be required to report the high school completion status
or exit code of each student as specified in the Data Clearinghouse documentation.