Parent Involvement Policy for Title I


American Leadership Academy regards parental engagement vital to the academic success of students.  Parents are the initial teachers of their children and serve as partners with the school in helping their children achieve academic success.  Developed jointly with LEA, parents and family. Rev. 4/15/19  American Leadership Academy will involve parents in the development of its district plan.

● ALA will invite a minimum two parents from the Elementary school to participate in the
development of the schools plan. Information, including academic data, State and Federal allocations,
personnel, and instructional strategies will be discussed with parent representatives during the

● The parents will review the information, attend scheduled meetings and give input into the
development of the schools Title I plan.

● The Parent Council will review and give input during the development process

● ALA School Board will give final approval of the schools plan.

American Leadership Academy will involve parents in the process of school review and improvement.

● Share the achievement data with parents.

● Invite input from parents regarding school academic goals.

● Discuss evidence-based research instructional practices.

● Give direction in securing evidence-based curriculum materials that align with goals.
American Leadership Academy will provide training and coordination to promote quality
parental engagement activities.

● Twice during the year, parents will be included in discussions about coordination and effective
use of resources. Parents will be encouraged to attend meet-the-teacher and parent-teacher nights held
frequently throughout the school year.

● During ALA University, ALA’s ongoing teacher professional development, teachers will be
trained by administration and Parent Council representatives on how to reach out and effectively
engage parents throughout the year. Teachers will contact parents frequently about their students’
progress and will encourage parents to complete their 40 hours of annual volunteer school time in the
classroom and/or in areas that match their talents and abilities.

● Teachers will continue to send home monthly newsletters to the parents to encourage and invite
the families to engage with the classroom and academia.

● The ALA web page will continue to post information about parental engagement activities,
sporting events, and ALA cultural activities.