Policy Number: 3390

Date: Sept. 22nd, 2020



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School dances are designed to provide a healthy, safe environment for students to socialize and enjoy being together.  This policy has been established to allow the continuation of dances and ensure the enjoyment and safety of all students at school dances.


1. Any student attending the dance must be a student in grades 9-12.

2. Admittance is subject to approval of the administration.

3. The Student Discipline Policy will be in effect and enforced at all school dances.

4. Any student attending the dance suspected of using alcohol or any controlled or illegal substance prior to or during the dance will be removed from the dance. Parents will be called and the student may be subject to alcohol or drug testing and school discipline.

5. Any student on suspension may not participate in a school dance.


School dances are school functions, and as such, students are expected to dress and behave in ways that are appropriate for the school setting.  Anyone attending is expected to behave appropriately on the dance floor.  Students must recognize that movements and dance styles present in non-school settings or portrayed in the entertainment industry are not always appropriate in the high school setting.  Sexually explicit dancing such as freaking, grinding, or any other type of dancing or act which could be construed as vulgar or provocative is prohibited.  Dancers must remain upright with both feet on the floor.  No overt and/or prolonged public displays of affection are allowed.  Moshing or slamming is not permitted or any other dancing considered inappropriate by ALA administration.  Violation of the dance conduct will result in removal from the dance and possible discipline.  No refund will be given to anyone who is asked to leave the dance.


Students are expected to dress appropriately for school dances.  Students who do not adhere to the dance dress code will not be permitted to participate in the dance.  If dress code violations occur after admittance, the student and/or guest may be removed from the dance.

The following items are prohibited:

1. Dresses and tops with an immodest neckline or a bare midriff.

2. Dresses or skirts that are more than 3 inches above the knee.

3. Dresses or skirts that have slits which reveal skin above finger length when hands rest at sides.

4. Dresses that are strapless or with spaghetti straps.

5. Stretchy tight skirts that may ride up as the student dances.

6. Shorts

7. Shirtless or unbuttoned shirts.

8. Clothing that displays an insignia or sign which shows disrespect for any race, creed, color, or nationality.

9. Clothing that displays obscene or suggestive phrases, immoral or illegal behavior.

10. Cult or gang apparel.

11. Any other attire deemed inappropriate by ALA administration.


1. The guest must be of high school age which means in grades 9-12.

2. Student and their out-of-school guest must complete the guest dance form prior to purchasing tickets.

3. All guests must show a picture ID at the door.

4. Out-of-school guests are expected to arrive at the dance and remain with their host while attending the dance.

5. Out-of-school guests must adhere to all school rules including those outlined in this policy. Any student or guest choosing not to do so will be removed from the dance.

6. Administration reserves the right to refuse out-of-school guests to enter the dances for any reason.