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Course Description

Course Description: A year-long class taught at a collegiate level where collegiate work is expected. Consequently, this class will prepare the student to confidently take the advanced placement examination at the end of the school year (fee required) and successfully complete it. The class covers the entire spectrum of U.S. history from early exploration and settlement to the present. Through this process the student will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our national ancestors and events that made it possible for us to be here today. Also, the student will continue to enjoy our country’s history and have fun in the process. To help achieve this outcome, the foundation of history rests squarely upon the four corners of reading, writing, thinking and speaking. The student will have abundant opportunities to develop all these characteristics. Throughout the year the student will receive readings that will supplement the textbook. At other times the student will write responses to previous AP essay questions. Additional assignments will be announced at various intervals. Needless to say, each person who seriously completes these assignments will have greatly matured in his or her reading, writing, thinking and speaking skills. Yet, remember that in this class the realization of these objectives depends upon individual commitment, discipline and perseverance to learn the material. Additionally, this course offers concurrent enrollment credit through UVU.

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  chapter 30 The War to End All Wars

  Chapter 29 Wilsonian Progressivism

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  Chapter 28 Progressivism and the Republican Roosevelt

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