Social & Political Agendas Policy


Policy Number: 2200
Dated: 09/21/2019

Social & Political Agendas Policy

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American Leadership Academy's Board of Trustees believe that as a school our mission is to partner with parents. We believe that social and political issues and beliefs are the role of the parents and families to teach and promote within their homes. While we believe public educators have the right to their own political, religious, and other beliefs they do not have the right to impose those beliefs on the students, but are to teach curriculum that follows the schools values, and the Utah State standards only. We believe in promoting the character values that the Board of Trustees has approved. The classroom is a place to promote educational content, school supported values, patriotism, and allow students to think and explore ideas and concepts, but is not a forum for teachers to proselyte, indoctrinate, or promote a political or social agenda.  


Employees shall not initiate or continue to discuss any of the following issues with students.

1.  Their political affiliations, philosophies or beliefs or those of the student or student’s family unless there is an appropriate and legitimate educational reason.

2.  Their mental or psychological problems or those of the student or student’s family.

3.  Sex behavior or attitudes.

4.  Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior.

5.  Their religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs or those of the student or parents.


Anyone wishing to report such conduct should fill out a Parent/Student Complaint Form.