Parent Volunteer Hours

Help Counter Usage Instructions

American Leadership Academy asks that parents donate 40 hours per household in volunteer time for each school year.  This can be done through various means, such as having a yard sign, volunteering at the school, watching children while another parent volunteers, classroom donations, field trips, etc.  There are many opportunities throughout the year.

1.  Register with Help Counter.  Instructions on how to do this are below.

2. Check for opportunities at throughout the year.  You may also work directly with teachers.

3. When you arrive at the school to volunteer, pick up your named badge with bar code to scan in and out. (Coming ASAP)

4. Accept scanned hours at link above or enter hours directly.

Note: To receive credit for monetary donations or purchases, you may do that at the front desk.  You may make and keep a copy for your personal records, though the original receipts must be turned in.