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Few things are more important to a high school student than obtaining a drivers license. Sadly, many of these young drivers will face tragedy through loss of property, physical capability, or even life. The leading cause of death in teenagers is related to motor vehicles. Driver Education is given the task of creating safe motoring for a lifetime. Educating students with skill, attitudes and knowledge prepares them to make our highways safer for everyone. Driver Education teachers strive to instill effective communication methods that will encourage young drivers to respect the automobile, the vehicles that share the road, the laws and consequences of impaired driving, and acceptable mental and social skills when faced with challenging driving situations. High school Driver Education classes create strong citizens who are aware of responsibilities as skilled drivers in a complex highway transportation system.


Drivers Education  Instructor:

Blackham, Brian


Teacher Bio

Where do I Start, What do I do now?


Step 1: Learn what the class is about!

Read the information on the Navigating Driver Education page.


Step 2: Get my Learner Permit!

Read the Learner Permit page.


Step 3: Take the Driver Education (DE) class!

Explore your options on the DE Classroom page.


Step 4. Get ready to DRIVE!!

Find out what do do on the Behind the Wheel page.

ALA Drivers Education Links

Behind the Wheel Disclosure

Parent 40 Hour Practice Log

Checklist pages from Parent/Teen Training Guide

Sample Road Test Score Sheet (pdf)

Important Note:  ALA instructors avoid driving 1-on-1 with any student.  Every effort will be made to schedule a student driver and at least one student observer.  If a partner cannot be found or cancels last minute that drive will need to be rescheduled.

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