Mr. Hegsted’s Classroom


Derek Hegsted

High School Art

801-794-2226 ext. 319

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About Mr. Hegsted

At the early age of six years old, Mr. Hegsted found that he could draw with a unique accuracy. A gift that would win him international awards and allow him to be utilized by some of the largest publishers in New York, NY and Hollywood, CA.

With a wife, six kids and a cat for food storage J (wink, wink) Mr. Hegsted has been trained in 17 different mediums which includes: Oil and Acrylic Paint, Pottery, Ceramics, Calligraphy, Photoshop, Graphite, Color pencil, Charcoal, Stippling with black india ink and color pens, and scratchboard with Ink, and Sculpture with plastilina Clay and water base clay to name a few to choose from. With classes emphasizing Classical Portraiture, Illustration, Graphics and Pottery.

His Students have won over 46 Divisional State Championships Awards including College competition awards, Springville Museum All State Awards and over 126 awards in 12 years. Mr. Hegsted says, “I am just trying to keep up with what the students can do.” With the basic foundations of the Masters being stressed, Mr. Hegsted runs a classical style of training from the teachings of Bridgman, Vanderpoel, John Singer-Sargent and Andrew Loomis to name a few. Mr. Hegsted says, “You can’t break the rules until you know the rules.”

Trained as a Classical Portrait Artist, and Commercial Artist, Mr. Hegsted has had the opportunity to work with some of the wealthiest kind hearted people in Utah. Receiving degrees from BYU-Idaho, Utah Valley University and Salt Lake Community College, Mr.Hegsted was hired by American Leadership Academy to be the Visual Arts Director in 2009. Where he deeply regrets not starting sooner.