Title 1 Program

       Title I Program Overview 2018-19

General Description

ALA is a targeted assistance school and must use all Federal funds for students identified as being at risk (academically below grade level expectations). The main areas of concern are reading and math.  ALA attempts to service all students reading below grade level. Because of budget constraints or personnel shortages, there may be times when some below norm students will not be serviced.

For reading services, ALA uses the DIBELS Benchmark scores to determine which students would benefit most from tutoring services. Highly qualified Instructional Assistants administer the DIBELS assessment to maintain consistency and validity.  Teachers’ input and DIBELS data is used to identify the lowest performing students who are then entered into Title I tutoring services. If the teachers have evidence of incorrect placement, the data is reviewed and appropriate measures taken.

Certified Instructional Assistants (I.A.) who are trained in multiple tutoring styles and programs, work with students daily for approximately 15 minutes per student. Programs used with students will vary depending on the needs of the student. Several programs are used with each student including DIBELS Progress Monitoring, Great Leaps, Six Minute Solution and Stars Reading. Other programs may be used with students depending on individual needs.


Title I administers the MobyMax Math assessment to each elementary student 1st-6th grade to determine math competency and need for Title I services. The Teachers review the student scores to minimize the chances of overlooking the students most in need. Tutors then help students work through the assigned lessons on the MobyMax software program and tutor on homework and in class worksheets as time allows. Currently, ALA will have one I.A. in 1st and 2nd grade math classes to service students needing math help. MobyMax is available in class and at home to all students.

 For questions or concerns, please contact,


Sarah Sorensen

Email:  ssorensen@americanleadership.net

Phone #: 801-794-2226